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17 Edina Services

The Local List, An everything-guide to the best professional services you didn’t know you needed.

January, 2011 by Cyd Haynes

“Life goes at full throttle, and sometimes, no time remains for the little things. Wouldn’t it be great to have someone magically appear and make it all easier? We’ve done the leg work and put together an array of local pros who offer unique services to help make life, well, just a little bit better. They can take care of the details so that your to-do list turns into a “done” list. They may be able to help out in a few ways you never even thought were important-until now!…

Where to go when you need to get yourself a website:

Integrated Advertising Network can make your website into a reality, but they also go beyond simply giving you an Internet presence. Their small-but-expert staff knows how to build your brand and set you apart in the competitive marketplace, from a website plan to media coverage and online promotion. Plus, they specialize in working with all kinds of budgets.”