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January, 2011 by Cyd Haynes

“Life goes at full throttle, and sometimes, no time remains for the little things. Wouldn’t it be great to have someone magically appear and make it all easier? We’ve done the leg work and put together an array of local pros who offer unique services to help make life, well, just a little bit better. They can take care of the details so that your to-do list turns into a “done” list. They may be able to help out in a few ways you never even thought were important-until now!…

Where to go when you need to get yourself a website:

Integrated Advertising Network can make your website into a reality, but they also go beyond simply giving you an Internet presence. Their small-but-expert staff knows how to build your brand and set you apart in the competitive marketplace, from a website plan to media coverage and online promotion. Plus, they specialize in working with all kinds of budgets.”

Twin Cities Agency Branding Initiatives Result in Client Success

November 4, 2010 – Edina, Minnesota – Integrated Advertising Network (IAN) a full-service advertising agency, is celebrating the success of several branding initiatives for new clients in the Twin Cities. IAN is an integrated advertising and branding agency based in Edina, Minnesota. The agency has recently unveiled several branding initiatives that have translated to immediate business success for its clients.

  • A new concept in furniture retailing, Dock 86 needed to build a brand from the ground up. IAN developed the concept from it’s inception, creating the tag line, mission statement, logo and distinctive “off the dock to your door” theme and experience which was the springboard for all other branding initiatives. IAN created exterior and interior store signage, point of purchase displays and outdoor advertising.
  • Hansaton, a leader in hearing systems technology and design, wanted to launch its unique line of hearing systems in the U.S. The company approached IAN for a plan that would include a powerful blend of branding, advertising, public relations and social media. Nearly one year later, Hansaton USA has established a reputation for design and technical excellence as a leading hearing system manufacturer with sales exceeding first year expectations. Sales for Hansaton USA have doubled in the third quarter of 2010.
  • VistaComm, an agri-business marketing firm, needed a powerful identity for a revolutionary marketing services concept, Precision Marketing by VistaComm. IAN provided branding services including naming, logo and icon development, copywriting and key messaging, collateral design, website design and product packaging for their various state-of-the-art services. IAN will continue to develop the Precision Marketing brand and provide creative direction for VistaComm projects and their agri-business clients.

“We came to IAN because they were able to provide world-class capability on budget. They were able to provide a true, successful integration of marketing, public relations and social media that helped put Hansaton USA’s stamp on the national hearing system manufacturing market right away,” said Robert Eastman, President of Hansaton USA.

In 2009 IAN underwent a successful transition to a new business model that introduced a network of world-class creative talent effectively bridging the gap between large agency inefficiencies and award-winning result-driven work. Plus, the Network by IAN, a group of international creative talent gathered by IAN this year, has provided a high degree of industry experience while keeping costs low and returns on investment high. As a result, the agency has continued to grow despite adverse economic conditions that have spelled disaster for other regional advertising agencies. Moquist and husband Ian, founder of IAN, expect 2010 and 2011 to be two of the strongest years in the history of the agency

“We’ve managed to stay a step ahead of the game since we opened 13 years ago. We saw the bubble bursting at the beginning of 2008 and prepared both our clients and our own business. As a result, we’ve been able to maximize results even with minimized budgets. In today’s market every dollar counts more than ever before. We’ve challenged ourselves to cultivate smart, efficient ways to partner with our clients and focus our business insights into progressive results-driven creative strategies,” said Jenny Moquist, Vice President of IAN.

About Integrated Advertising Network, Inc. – IAN is a truly integrated advertising network based in Edina, Minnesota, and gives new meaning to the words full-service. The firm was founded in 1997 and provides a holistic approach that includes brand architecture and management, inspired media strategy and buying, strategic planning, online and interactive design, production, writing, public relations, social media and research.

IAN’s experienced media buyers and world-class creative talent including The Network by IAN consistently revitalize brands, grow businesses and create exceptional advertising on any budget. IAN’s approach to advertising is a balance of inspired, business-driven thinking and exceptional creativity.

With its clients hurting, ad agency finds ways to help – StarTribune

September 9, 2009 – Edina, Minnesota – Edina advertising firm changes its strategy to bolster customers weathering ugly recessionary times.

With a clientele dominated by trade shows, automotive clients and small to mid-sized local retailers, Integrated Advertising Network Inc. (IAN) was particularly vulnerable as the recession began its assault on the economy.

There was one wisp of good news, however: The Edina ad agency didn’t have any banking clients.

The even better news is that founders Ian and Jenny Moquist are helping me fill this pesky white space with a yarn about how one small business, armed with a dab of creativity and the agility to make a rapid strategic pirouette, has minimized the economic impact.

The numbers: Despite the fact that their clients — particularly auto dealers — were among the first to feel the economic pressures, Advertising Network eked out a 1.4 percent increase in 2008 billings, to $7.2 million. Better yet, the gain came despite a 5 percent drop in fourth-quarter billings.

There’s even a bright spot in the prospect that 2009 billings will be down 10 to 15 percent: As business slowed, particularly for the expensive media advertising that generates most of the Moquists’ revenue, they refocused on promotions that reduced costs for their clients — and carried higher profit margins for them.

In short, it’s “a win-win situation,” said Ian Moquist, 35. “They save money; we make more.”

More important, business has improved in the past two months, said Jenny Moquist, 35, who projected that full-year billings will approach $6.5 million. The Edina agency serves area auto dealers, neighborhood restaurants and local home and garden centers and a variety of auto, boat, camping and other consumer shows.

The Moquists’ survival strategy emerged as media advertising, which generated more than 80 percent of pre-recession billings, declined by upwards of 15 percent. They quickly refocused on other, previously less active segments of their full-service business, including branding and promotional materials, digital marketing and public relations. Among the strategies:

  • They trumpeted special offers, discounts and other client promotions via Twitter, Facebook and MySpace and put their programmers to work revamping client websites to optimize search-engine visibility and streamline online sales, reservations and customer data recovery.
  • They began offering clients a variety of lower-cost promotional options, including new signs, brochures and point-of-purchase materials.
  • They organized a variety of customer loyalty programs — frequent-diner promotions for restaurants, discount and free-product offers for nurseries and gift certificates, free service awards and extended warranties for auto dealers. Included in the packages: management of the databases and communications involved.
  • And to ease the pressure on their auto-dealer clients, Ian used his roster of media contacts to negotiate $2.5 million of free advertising in 2009 for the Greater Metropolitan Automobile Dealers Association (GMADA). The ads, which Integrated Advertising creates free of charge, focus on what Ian calls “key messages” — warranties, fuel economy, rebates and incentives.

The Moquists are high school sweethearts who came to the Twin Cities from Sioux Falls, S.D., in 1995 to take jobs selling radio advertising, he for KOOL-FM (KOOL 108), she for WCCO-AM.

Before starting Integrated Advertising in 1997, Ian left KOOL 108 for a brief tour with a small Minneapolis ad agency, for which he organized a series of auto mega-sales involving 17 local dealers. It was a fortuitous move, introducing him to both the local auto sector and the trade-show business.

Jenny remained at WCCO, where her hustle built her commissions to gratifying levels and provided the safety net that allowed her husband to establish the business. She joined the agency in 2000, but has been working part-time the past three years after the birth of 3-year-old twins (a boy and girl) and a 1 1/2-year-old girl.

That’s not to suggest she isn’t having an impact on the business. While Ian is the creative strategist and CEO, she handles operations and business development.

In the latter role, Jenny came up with an intriguing growth strategy aimed at adding larger advertisers to augment the agency’s longtime focus on small to mid-sized clients with advertising budgets ranging from $500,000 to about $2 million.

Launched last month and dubbed “Network by IAN,” it’s a virtual collection of seasoned advertising talent — freelance creative and art directors, copywriters and digital marketing pros — that she has recruited from around the country to work on projects the Moquists will offer to larger clients at a sizable discount.

Under the arrangement, Integrated Advertising will solicit work for the freelancers, who Jenny described as “seasoned talent who have worked on big-brand projects for years;” clients will benefit from experienced talent at a discount price, and the Moquists will collect a small fee with minimal overhead.

In short, it’s another one of those win-win scenarios — but with an extra win thrown in for a bonus.

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Integrated Advertising Network Launches Network of Global Advertising Experts

September 1, 2009 – Edina, Minnesota – Representatives from Integrated Advertising Network, a full-service advertising agency in Edina, MN, announced today the much-anticipated launch of a new creative division, The Network by ian. The Network by ian consists of a collection of “who’s who” of the advertising world. Members are based in creative meccas around the world including New York, London, Sydney, San Francisco and of course, Minneapolis.

Each of the creative members of The Network by ian has been carefully selected based on his or her industry reputation, experience and current portfolio. This award-winning creative collective includes specialists in the fields of broadcast production, copywriting, art direction, graphic design, film editing and branded viral content. All members of The Network by ian have extensive campaign experience for major global brands such as Nike, Mello Yello, Verizon, Qwest, JetBlue, Urban Outfitters, Mercedes Benz, 24 Hour Fitness, and others.

“The Network by ian will serve as a secret weapon for marketing executives and managers who require big name talent, but can’t justify big agency costs,” said Integrated Advertising Network’s President and co-owner, Ian Moquist. “In today’s difficult economy it’s all about being agile, smart and delivering the kinds of creative solutions that directly impact our clients’ bottom line.”

Integrated Advertising Network plans to utilize The Network by ian in addition to their in-house creative resources to target new clients who may have experienced reduced creative and marketing budgets or are unable to afford large agency creative fees, and need world-class creative strategy and execution. An added advantage is that members of The Network by Ian have been collaborating together for more than a decade.

“We’re bridging the gap between big agency inefficiencies and award-winning result-driven work. The Network by ian will give clients access to a creative group with truly unparalleled experience in the industry, and still keep costs low and returns on investment high.” said Jenny Moquist, co-owner and Vice President at Integrated Advertising Network. “Creative electricity and strong chemistry are incredibly important when you want to hit the ground running and be efficient as well as explosive. The Network by ian will tap into that synergy to provide our clients with unbelievable creative fire power.”

The Network by ian