titan tool

What began as a unique marketing collaboration has rapidly evolved into a solid partnership. We were approached with a one-time assignment from Titan Tool Company (the industry leader in electric airless paint sprayers) in the fall of 2013 and have since played a major role in their brand development.


Titan Tool has always been the innovation leader in paint sprayers and accessories. To further enhance their position, Titan introduced a new spray gun in 2016 called the RX-Pro®. This gun reinvented the airless sprayer and was set to revolutionize the market. Our team was asked to come up with marketing campaigns that would reach their niche B2B audience while driving awareness and sales.


Our team developed a product launch campaign that took the industry by storm. We used a product microsite as the campaign’s hub and reached contractors through a variety of targeted digital marketing vehicles including pay-per-click, behavioral targeting, and remarketing. Traditional media was also used as a means to reach paint contractors via industry trade publications.

The work

RX-Pro Ads

Microsite Landing Page

Mobile Landing Pages


+80,000 views for spraying
redefined video
+100,000 site visits in
the first 2 months
award for
product of the year

Other Work

Social Media Management

Impact 400

Innovation in 21 Seconds

FlexSpray Handheld