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Meet Leslie, Accountant Extraordinaire

LeslieMeet Leslie, the new accountant here at IAN Inc.! Leslie enjoys sudden-death matches of tennis, smothering her son Robby with love, and whipping up magical gastronomy in the kitchen. Feel free to say hello the next time you’re at the agency!

Success at the Auto Show

Well, it’s official: The Auto Show was a great success!

Can’t say we’re surprised: featuring a bunch of fun events like Camp Jeep, Mazda and Scion Ride and Drives and the star appearances from the Disney Channel and the MN Wild, the Show was bound to be a hit. Thanks for all the positive feedback!

Take a look at highlights from the show below:

[youtube id=”H6aA92c9OGg&list=UUBUefHGFjHA9HERNY0OLpPQ” mode=”normal”]

Closing Time #internclara

As my summer comes to a close due to the early commencement of my school year and sorority recruitment, I have a chance to look back on my two months here at IAN Inc. It has been a great learning experience and I am lucky to have had this summer internship.

This past Monday, I assisted Andrew, IAN’s Broadcast Producer, on a Key Cadillac commercial shoot. I even got to drive a Cadillac! (No scratches, so don’t worry!) Bearpath Golf and Country Club provided a scenic backdrop and with the great weather we were fortunate enough to receive, the shoot turned out crisp and amazing. Through the process, I got to see yet again the true eye for perfection one must possess in this field. When a take seemed to go quite well in my little amateur eyes, both Andrew and the video man, Steve, would request numerous more takes, they don’t want good, they want the best.

The reason that I chose to write about this on my very last day of work, is because the Broadcast Production side of the company has sparked the most interest in me this summer, and it is something I am enthusiastic about continuing at school, and hopefully next summer no matter where I may end up. Thanks IAN for all the kindness and hospitality and for letting me crash your office party. It has been a blast, and again a great experience. Wishing my favorite Advertising Agency all the best!

Screen shot 2013-07-24 at 3.30.44 PM

My Twitter Game. #internclara

What even is social media? It’s Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot, Pinterest, Vine, Instagram etc. Really anything you’re doing to actively connect with others, and enormous time sync would be another acceptable way of describing it. Whether you have every form of social media, and you are you are feeling extremely hip, or you have yet to join the Twitter bandwagon, it is important to understand why this global phenomenon is a useful tool in your professional life. If you’re using one, you should be using it all. Like I said social media is about connecting, so your different outlets should intertwine.  As an 18 year old, I’m dangerously close to obsessed with social media, and trust me, I have it all. I have three twitters…yes three. First (@cmoney_honeyy), is my private twitter account talking about; what I ate for breakfast, my favorite country song lyric, or the fact that I just cannot get to sleep (basically the stuff I should keep to myself, but I choose not to.) Second (@therealmizsquirrel): an account depicting the life of a squirrel at my campus (weird I know?). Third (@clara_kohrs): This twitter is public to the world and is used to repost interesting articles, to follow companies in my possible field and to appear very professional to employers.  So my advice is to tweet smart, and tweet often, control who reads your silly accounts and let everyone read your intellectual ones. Showing proficiency in social media is just as important as being Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel proficient these days, so be proactive and get your name out there, even if you only have 140 characters at a time to do so.

Intern Clara, then and now

June 10th:
When people ask me what my major is, I respond off my, Talking to Curious Old People, script: “I hoping to get a journalism degree from The University of Missouri, with a specification in advertising and public relations.” I say that…but on what grounds? This internship is hopefully one that will give that statement; one, which I have repeated dozens of times, a backbone. My job this year is to observe, and more importantly to try and make myself somewhat useful in the workplace. I’ve never worked in an office, but Integrated Advertising Network seems, thus far, a great place to be. I have my own desk and laptop (I had to contain my excitement until I got home, on the grounds of appearing professional, which I might ad, I most certainly am). So far, the biggest thing I’ve learned is that, although an Advertising Agency seems to be more creative and spontaneous environment, there is definitely a science behind it. This is something that I really like. Thoughtful planning and good time management is a craft to perfect when working in any business. So my adventure in this world has just begun, hoping to learn a lot and do what I can to help!
July 10th:
So a month has passed and I can certainly say that I have learned a lot since then. This coming school year I am ecstatic to go back to classes and college life with a bigger goal ahead; the goal to work, full time, in an office like this some day. Thinking about a future, specifically your own, can be overwhelming at times. However, more than overwhelming it can be exciting. I’m eager to get back to college,  to learn more, to have fun and to start planning and studying with the short-term goal of doing well in my studies, and a long-term goal of obtaining my dream job.5FaGD8Mt6BT3ozuEiJW7WLXts4njr0Xu_V9ACfEO0wQ

Behind the Scenes

Sitting eagerly at my desk simply waiting for a task, the keyword search soon presented itself. With Zach’s brief explanation I was underway researching all things hearing aid. I soon realized that the keyword list meant a lot of words that looked all about the same. As an Intern, I knew it was unlikely I was doing any of this right, however the excel document began to fill with words. After I finally grasped the copy/paste method, I was well underway. Three hours later and I had a project, well an almost project. As I forwarded it on to Zach I wasn’t sure what I had just done, but I did know that that keyword search, although seemingly a tedious task is going to aid the success of their advertisement for a client. Keyword searches are done so that when you go into Google or other search engines and search for anything regarding hearing aids, hopefully the website designed by IAN would appear towards the top of the list. I learned two things through this; One: people seem to think hearing aids is one word (hearingaids?). Second, when creating a successful, revenue-generating advertisement that you want remarketed, there is a thoughtful process involved. For another project I drafted out a “Privacy Policy” for a website, this is something you can generally find as hyperlinked word at the bottom of a web page. While it’s likely that not many viewers will access this tab, it is vital that webpages have it so viewers understand the legitimacy and inner workings of a web page. It’s the legal part of the website. An Advertising Agency does a lot more than commercials and print Ads, they have to be the whole package, a “One Service Full Service Advertising Shop”, (shameless plug to the company tag line…I know), but it is really impressive how much work goes into one product. As consumers you see an Advertisement, not the path that gets you there or the work done to optimize its success.

The Adventures of Advertising

HkjQHkip9qHVk8avO6Xuu4T2JOmO8XWquuoaNLQWWYsWith some of the clients IAN advertises for, the task of promoting for them is continuous. All year long, GMADA is in preparation for their biggest event of the year, the Twin Cities Auto Show. Although the show is months away, before IAN Inc. creates advertisements that appeal to the avid auto consumers of the Twin Cities, GMADA works hard on filling up the show room. Andrew, IAN’s production director, has just finished working on an informational and alluring video to be pitched to auto manufacturers. GMADA is hoping to recruit more lavish display this year, with the final goal of increasing attendance. While watching this process unfold, the production side of this agency has really sparked an interest in me, and has also showed how thoughtful IAN employees are about their work. Each second of the video is carefully planned out to best accommodate the audience. After many hours of perfecting graphics, interviewing, editing footage, rendering, and hiring that guy who really likes his voice, the production is complete. The perfectionist attitude is not only encouraged in this industry, but expected. I was lucky enough to work alongside Andrew through his many steps in production, including an interview with the Executive Vice President of GMADA. It took about an hour of driving, ten minutes of set up, and ten minutes of filming to get a thirty second clip. Although, it is a longer process than some would expect, each product is a direct representation of you and your company, and it is important to do so with utmost care. Thoughtful work keeps current clients happy and generates new ones.

Pandora is about to REALLY upset the radio apple cart …

Are you a Pandora user? At work? How about in your car? Well, with the growth of affordable smart phone data packages, and the decline of interesting broadcast radio, people are increasingly moving away from traditional radio listening and towards various streaming internet options. Especially Pandora.

Pandora now reports over 150 million registered users. Seventy percent of its listener activity is mobile. And now, in addition to its national advertising, Pandora is making serious inroads in local ad sales! A powerful, disruptive business model poised to further marginalize terrestrial broadcast AND paid satellite radio.

The ramifications don’t end there. Where Google failed to take over the aggregation, and then resale of unsold radio broadcast time (mostly to direct response marketers), Pandora could well succeed.

Up to now, Pandora has sold ads directly to advertisers as well as to agencies on behalf of advertisers. But now Pandora is beginning to act more aggressively as its own agency, cutting out “middleman” agencies to improve advertising costs to clients. It is even launching sales teams in multiple markets.

Pandora can: leverage it’s own radio platform (so no negotiated, pre-emptible remnant time); automatically combine audio ads with display ads for instant, easy response and accurate tracking; guarantee ads will run; perhaps even guarantee performance; point ads to local or national audiences; deliver that “higher qualified” listener element that satellite used to brag about; and manage the ad “spot cost” … all within their own closed universe. That could, in time, bury direct response radio agencies, especially as radio listening continues to migrate away from the broadcast dial to online providers like Pandora.

Read more about it here.

Have an iPhone? Use Siri? Do you know what Apple does with everything you say to Siri?

Siri ships everything you say to her to a big data center in Maiden, North Carolina …

And the story of what really happens to all of your Siri-launched searches, e-mail messages and inappropriate jokes is a bit of a black box. IBM CIO Jeanette Horan told MIT’s Technology Review this week that her company has banned Siri outright because, according to the magazine, “The company worries that the spoken queries might be stored somewhere.”

It turns out that Horan is right to worry. In fact, Apple’s iPhone Software License Agreement spells this out: “When you use Siri or Dictation, the things you say will be recorded and sent to Apple in order to convert what you say into text,” Apple says. Siri collects a bunch of other information — names of people from your address book and other unspecified user data, all to help Siri do a better job.

Read the rest of this story here.

Business Insider: Facebook IPO … and how Wall Street has learned NOTHING from the past four years …

“In one of the biggest IPOs in history, in which a huge amount of stock was sold to small investors, privileged Wall Street insiders once again got top-notch information…and individuals got the shaft.”

This is an “inside story” of how the recent Facebook IPO actually transpired. Not a pretty story.