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Closing Time #internclara

As my summer comes to a close due to the early commencement of my school year and sorority recruitment, I have a chance to look back on my two months here at IAN Inc. It has been a great learning experience and I am lucky to have had this summer internship.

This past Monday, I assisted Andrew, IAN’s Broadcast Producer, on a Key Cadillac commercial shoot. I even got to drive a Cadillac! (No scratches, so don’t worry!) Bearpath Golf and Country Club provided a scenic backdrop and with the great weather we were fortunate enough to receive, the shoot turned out crisp and amazing. Through the process, I got to see yet again the true eye for perfection one must possess in this field. When a take seemed to go quite well in my little amateur eyes, both Andrew and the video man, Steve, would request numerous more takes, they don’t want good, they want the best.

The reason that I chose to write about this on my very last day of work, is because the Broadcast Production side of the company has sparked the most interest in me this summer, and it is something I am enthusiastic about continuing at school, and hopefully next summer no matter where I may end up. Thanks IAN for all the kindness and hospitality and for letting me crash your office party. It has been a blast, and again a great experience. Wishing my favorite Advertising Agency all the best!

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My Twitter Game. #internclara

What even is social media? It’s Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot, Pinterest, Vine, Instagram etc. Really anything you’re doing to actively connect with others, and enormous time sync would be another acceptable way of describing it. Whether you have every form of social media, and you are you are feeling extremely hip, or you have yet to join the Twitter bandwagon, it is important to understand why this global phenomenon is a useful tool in your professional life. If you’re using one, you should be using it all. Like I said social media is about connecting, so your different outlets should intertwine.  As an 18 year old, I’m dangerously close to obsessed with social media, and trust me, I have it all. I have three twitters…yes three. First (@cmoney_honeyy), is my private twitter account talking about; what I ate for breakfast, my favorite country song lyric, or the fact that I just cannot get to sleep (basically the stuff I should keep to myself, but I choose not to.) Second (@therealmizsquirrel): an account depicting the life of a squirrel at my campus (weird I know?). Third (@clara_kohrs): This twitter is public to the world and is used to repost interesting articles, to follow companies in my possible field and to appear very professional to employers.  So my advice is to tweet smart, and tweet often, control who reads your silly accounts and let everyone read your intellectual ones. Showing proficiency in social media is just as important as being Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel proficient these days, so be proactive and get your name out there, even if you only have 140 characters at a time to do so.

Intern Clara, then and now

June 10th:
When people ask me what my major is, I respond off my, Talking to Curious Old People, script: “I hoping to get a journalism degree from The University of Missouri, with a specification in advertising and public relations.” I say that…but on what grounds? This internship is hopefully one that will give that statement; one, which I have repeated dozens of times, a backbone. My job this year is to observe, and more importantly to try and make myself somewhat useful in the workplace. I’ve never worked in an office, but Integrated Advertising Network seems, thus far, a great place to be. I have my own desk and laptop (I had to contain my excitement until I got home, on the grounds of appearing professional, which I might ad, I most certainly am). So far, the biggest thing I’ve learned is that, although an Advertising Agency seems to be more creative and spontaneous environment, there is definitely a science behind it. This is something that I really like. Thoughtful planning and good time management is a craft to perfect when working in any business. So my adventure in this world has just begun, hoping to learn a lot and do what I can to help!
July 10th:
So a month has passed and I can certainly say that I have learned a lot since then. This coming school year I am ecstatic to go back to classes and college life with a bigger goal ahead; the goal to work, full time, in an office like this some day. Thinking about a future, specifically your own, can be overwhelming at times. However, more than overwhelming it can be exciting. I’m eager to get back to college,  to learn more, to have fun and to start planning and studying with the short-term goal of doing well in my studies, and a long-term goal of obtaining my dream job.5FaGD8Mt6BT3ozuEiJW7WLXts4njr0Xu_V9ACfEO0wQ